Prayer Redux

Just in case your wondering, the two quotes about praying as you can found in italics I borrowed from poster at the Spirituality forum of Catholic Answers Forums under praying the Little Office of the BVM.  I found them rather appropriate in regards to prayer. Advertisements Continue reading Prayer Redux


“I’m gonna have to heal you. We have got to pray! We have got to pray! We have got to pray to make it through the day!” License to Wed While I actually haven’t seen this movie, the line does spark an important part of Lent: PRAYER.  Particulary the fact that we are called to … Continue reading Prayer

The Four Final Things

I meant to start this much earlier so as to go into fuller depth but at this point I’ll just post what I intend to blog about and write the depth tomorrow.  Hopefully. Yesterday morning as I was driving into school, waiting in traffic, and listening to Evanescence, I thought about the Four Final things: … Continue reading The Four Final Things

Ash Wednesday

In a few short hours, we start the wonderful penitential season of Lent.  Forty days to focus on prayer, fasting, and almsgiving.  But more importantly, focusing on Jesus.  Focusing on our need for a Savior and that we are sinners who can do nothing without HIM. It is so easy to forget about Jesus.  We get distracted.  … Continue reading Ash Wednesday