“I’m gonna have to heal you. We have got to pray! We have got to pray! We have got to pray to make it through the day!” License to Wed

While I actually haven’t seen this movie, the line does spark an important part of Lent: PRAYER.  Particulary the fact that we are called to pray without ceasing, as mentioned by St. Paul in his letter to…well, I have to look up which letter.  Prayer is something we all struggle with, either trying to find the time or the words or the desire to pray. 

Myself, I just don’t pray.  Oh, I pray before Mass and after receiving the Eucharist but that’s about it.  But I should be doing more.  We all want to do more.  I know of those that believe that everyone should be praying the same devotions and prayers that they are.  I know of people who told me that I needed to do was pray the Rosary.  Sorry, I’ve tried but then I spent years in Catholic school being forced to pray the Rosary and the Stations of the Cross.  I just never made the connection.  Now, I have no problem with the Blessed Virgin and the Rosary and people who feel called to that devotion are free to pray that devotion.  But it is not a mandatory prayer.  The only mandatory prayer in the Church is the Mass.  There are those that believe if you don’t pray this prayer or don’t do that devotion you aren’t really praying and are not really Catholic. 

The thing is, not everyone prays the same or is called to pray in the same way.  We each come to prayer and pray in our own way.  One way may work for one and not for another.  Or one way may not work for one and may work for another.  Forcing people to pray the exact same prayer in the exact same way (not talking about the Mass which will eventually a whole post to itself) makes prayer ineffective and forces the prayee to view prayer in a negative light.  Prayer then comes to mean something that is a chore instead of talking with God.

Pray as you can, not as you can’t” and “If you can pray well do so. Otherwise pray badly like the rest of us.”

Just a thought.  Prayer is not something to be forced or done on someone else’s terms.  You pray as you will to do God’s will in whatever way you can.  Don’t use someone else’s way if it doesn’t work for you.  Use your own.  And if someone tells you you aren’t praying correctly, tell them to take it up with God because He doesn’t have a problem with you praying.



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