It’s the Middle of July-Where have I been?

Lazy in updating, that’s where I’ve been.  Bad me.  I’m bad about updating my othe blog as well.  There’s a lot of factors as to why.  One major one may be that I have depression (which at this time is currently undiagnosed but there are several indicators that indicate that I may have it in some form).  Another factor is that I have been busy with school (time management in regards to homework a big one) and somewhat with work (though currently not really working at all). 

I hang out at a Catholic forum which shall remain unnamed for privacy purposes and one of the threads had been on a mother and what she should do to raise her sons in the Catholic faith.  She’s a revert but in a lot of her posts she comes off as someone who has thrown themselves whole hog into a very strict version of the Catholic faith that I am unaware of.  Her sons are now teenagers and wants to know what she can do to stop her sons from having any and I mean any contact with the world along with no rebelliousness, no contact with the opposite sex unless they are submissive Catholic girls who only want to be stay at home moms and limit all forms of recreation and entertainment. 

Now, I understand being a parent is a hard vocation to live out in the world today.  But to view the entire world as a full out bastion of evil with no possible goodness in people anywhere sets of several red flags for me.  She comes off as wanting to hit her sons over the head with a shovel because of the tiniest step out of line.  And that’s exactly what she has said.  It appears as if she could check off the right checklist then her sons would be perfect and holy and that’s it.  I don’t think she fully understands what it means to isolate people from the world and the way she’s going about raising her sons.  Now she has the right to raise her sons anyway (legally and morally) she so chooses but she’s in danger of having two sons that turn out the exact opposite of how she wants them to be.  I’ve seen it happen.  Tighten the reins too tight and the horse fights with all its might to get loose since it knows that its freedom and life are at stake.

Now I can give her leeway since she’s the mother and these are her sons.  There is one poster who is barely out of high school who has been giving what I consider very dangerous and deadly advice.  He advises that she cut off all her sons’ contact with the world.  Like I’ve said, I’ve seen the result of that and it isn’t pretty.  Not only that, contact with the world, and I’m not talking about the evil but regular every day people and the multiple cultures that now thrive here is not something to be afraid of.  Keeping people isolated only instills fear and hatred, i.e. I can’t go outside because everyone out there is out to kill me because they are *fill-in-the-blank*.  I’m in contact with multiple cultures and people from those cultures on a daily basis. None of that contact has really hurt me or caused me mortal sin.  Now frustration, yes.  I am far from perfect.

But to have no contact and be permanently paranoid that your children will commit mortal sin just because they come into contact with someone who does not share their exact same views borders on the ludicrious.  And hearing about pain and suffering does not diminish one’s innocence.  Our innocence was lost at the Fall.  Now we retain some but that innocence can, in some select ways, be lost so as be able to function and operate in the world but not as part of it.  There will always be loss of innocence.  That comes with sin and the consequences of the Fall.  There is no avoiding it.  There is, however, mitigating the loss as much as possible.

I had to get on my soapbox about this since I see the red flags of a potentially dangerous situation and it was bothering me even though it shouldn’t.  If people want to make stupid decisions especially ones that affect young people, so be it. 

You’re not a parent of a teenager.  You’re just along for the ride.



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