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Yes, It is December 8. Do You Know Where the Time Went?

Okay, so I’m really bad about updating here mainly beause I just don’t think about WordPress. Definitely not about updating. 

Well, in a few days we will be half way through Advent.  Yes, Advent.  The coldest, and in my case, wettest (though not so much this year) part of the year is home to the beginning of the liturgical year.  While the outside is covered in snow, or in my case rain, we celebrate the beginning of Catholicism: the coming of Jesus as a baby born to a human woman chosen by God to bear His only Son.  The white of the snow covers, though only for a time, the smallest stirrings of springs.  Trees are deviod of leaves and everything looks bleak and unappealing but it’s not a time to mourn.  It’s a time of hushed whispers and holding your breath in expectation.  Everything is waiting.  Waiting for what?  Spring for nature.  For Catholics, the coming of Christ.  The Israelites waited over four thousand years for the Messiah, symbolized in the candles of the Advent wreath.  We wait for His coming againg, His second coming.

Waiting gets a bad rap, especially in today’s world.  Everyone wants everything NOW.  Waiting is seen as something to be avoided at all costs.  And yet waiting can lead to wonderous things.  Mothers wait 40 weeks to see the baby they have carried in their womb face to face.  Those that have family and friends serving in the military wait for them to come home safe.  The Israelites waited thousands of years for the Messiah and the early Christians waited and hoped for the second coming of Jesus.  Waiting is not bad.  There is a gift in waiting.  It teaches us patience.  It teaches us to delay gratification.  It teaches lessons and provides opportunities for grace.

So while out and about this season, wait a little.  You may find a delightful suprise at the end.



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