Father Mulchahy and things unrelated to him

I mention Father Mulcahy (of M*A*S*H fame) because he was the first and foremost model of what a priest did and who he was to me.  I grew up watching reruns of M*A*S*H so I became intimately familiar with Father Mulcahy.  He was human.  he was imperfect.  He cared deeply for others.  He didn’t let people being of another faith or even of no faith to influence his relationship with them.  He considered pretty much everyone in the M*A*S*H 4077 his friend.  Yet he very much lived the Catholic life.

Yes, he was a character created by the writers and written by the writers but instead of making him a caricature they made him and believable.  They made him likable.  He failed.  He cared.  He prayed. He was a Catholic priest.  William Christopher gave depth and love to that character and brought him to life.  His portrayal of who and what Catholic priests were made a huge impact on  me and countless others over the years.  He is still one of my favorite TV priests and am greatly indebted to his presence and performance.

In other news, I have banned myself from parts of a particular forum to which I belong.  All in response to my response to specific posters and types of topics.  I’ve had issues with this particular forum over the years but now I’ve had to curb my participation to keep myself out of trouble and sin.  Anger is a big issue as I’ve posted before.  Sometimes that anger comes from a particular topic and other times it comes from other posts.  Sometimes it’s combination of both.  I’ve used the a particular feature of this forum in dealing with specific posters have caused me problems but it does not always (due to issues beyond my control) work and other times it’s the topic.  Because it’s all part of the same subforum I’ve banned myself from that subforum for the forseeable future.  I don’t need or want to get angry.  It doesn’t serve any purpose.

Plus, I am concerned that something the post/poster said is actually true and I need to change something about myself that I had though didn’t need changing, at least up to this point.  I don’t want to find out at Judgement Day that I had the opportunity to change something, something that really needed changing and I didn’t change it because of these posts/posters.  I know I am not perfect and have definite room for improvement (just ask me about my job search and current unemployment)  but there are also some posters/posts I shouldn’t listen to because they are full of bad advice and attempts by the poster to cause someone to sin. Granted, it is a matter of balance (figuring out what needs to change in me versus ignoring bad advice/posters) but it’s not easy.  Especially,when the field of support and those that believe and live the way you do (the Catholic faith) are small and not easy to connect with, especially in real life.

But there are definitely times when one should not get information or help from the Internet.  They need a real life person who they can see and communicate with more clearly and keep things confidential.



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