Twitter not Tweeter

Apparently, I can be a complete geek and still get tech wrong.  Like the title says, Twitter not Tweeter though I’m probably not the first to get that wrong.  There’s probably someone who wants to start a website called Tweeter but wouldn’t that make the posts Twits?  (Okay, really bad but hey, I can’t remember … Continue reading Twitter not Tweeter

Internet “Protestantism”/Internet “Catholicism”

So I’ve fleshed out a little what I mean by Internet “Protestantism” and include Internet “Catholicism” because what I’m about to write applies to both.   It’s still a working hypothesis and developing work so it’s in the early stages.  It would be interesting to see what studies on social networks that use the Internet look … Continue reading Internet “Protestantism”/Internet “Catholicism”

No Longer

After my previous posts here and because of the posts on the unidentified websites/blogs, I will no longer be viewing or visiting the unidentified websites/blogs.  The websites/blogs and their managers are free to post whatever they like.  In the US, they can do so under  freedom of speech.  I won’t impinge on that.  However, due … Continue reading No Longer

An Apology

In my last post, I referred to a Calvary Chapel “pastor” unfairly and rudely.  I apology to this unnamed individual.  While I don’t agree with Calvary Chapel and their theology, it was a sin on my part to not to give the individual the benefit of the doubt about their qualifications.  I apology for my … Continue reading An Apology