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The New International Version of the Bible is being updated.  Which is interesting to say the least especially with regards to gender language.  Why do people think using gender inclusive language is a good idea?  The books of the Bible were written for a specific audience, with a specific purpose, and changing the language can actually be detrimental.

Michael Shanks (aka Dr. Daniel Jackson) speaks out about SGU.  Many in the comments hold the same opinion as before and won’t watch it.

The Dugger Family are adding a new member. No. 19 is on the way.

The suspected kidnapper Phillip Garrido, who reported kidnapped a girl back in 1991 and was found recently, (he has not yet been convicted so he is only suspected/alleged) seemed like a regular guy, according to those who did business with him.

Erich Kunzel, Cincinnati Pops director has died at the age of 74. (As someone who loves music, this is sad. Prayers for his family.)

Yes, corrupt police officers still exist. Rookie New York cop gets sentenced in bank robbery after conspiring with a bank teller at the bank he robbed, twice.

5th anniversary of the Beslan school attack.  A sad and terrible day for all.

From the Wall Street Journal, Afghan warlord, a non-Pashtun, has joined with the Taliban.  It’s demonstrates the shift and despair in Afghan, a country that has been riddled with war for nearly 30 years.  Afghans see no way out so they find a way to at least survive.

Why Churchless Christianity Doesn’t Work.  Authors Kevin DeYoung and Ted Kluck in their book Why We Love the Church explains that Christianity was institutional even in the beginning.  Even more so, “a church has order, offices, and certain worship elements.”  From the article,

You say people are disillusioned with the church for many reasons. Which is the hardest for people to get over?

I think the personal reasons are definitely the hardest and most frequent. There are enough sinners in all of our churches, and we need to be willing to listen to people when they are genuinely hurt. But I think a lot of this “church is lame” stuff is really immaturity.

Hopefully people will look back and say, “We were kind of like petulant children getting tired of our parents and thinking that they didn’t know anything.” Then you get married and have your own kids and realize, “Maybe I didn’t always see everything as clearly as I thought I did.”

Unfortunately, we have so many choices of churches that we don’t have to work through those things (and the growth that God might want to give us through the painful process).

From This Rock, the problem with sola scriptura.  It isn’t defensible and is entirely read into the text when the Biblical text says otherwise.

No Jesus and Me Christianity.  Again, from This Rock.  On praying to the saints and why it’s totally Biblical.



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