Yes, it is Holy Week. But I’m not going to blog about it.

Still keep wishing I had a better work schedule.  The one I have is not so great.  And doesn’t provide much of a weekend.

While, yes, it is Holy Week, I won’t be posing here about it.  Mainly because anything I wrote would be mud.  I may be good at word puzzles (I can do the crossword in 20 minutes, well, with a little cheating and it is the Portland Tribune which isn’t much of newspaper to begin with) but writing about something as important as Holy Week is beyond my skill set.  I don’t have the skill or talent to write elegant prose about a sublime point in the narrative in Jesus’ life.  A pretty point week of events that lead to his Resurrection and overcoming death.  I’ll leave all that to theologians, saints, and the Gospels.

I do want to point out a link to a good article about the current sex abuse scandals.  It’s by Jimmy Akin and deals with the charge that Pope Benedict XVI covered up/squashed a case in Wisconsin.  Read the article here.



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