Sex Does Not Make You Free (While the Pill Turns You into an Unpaid Prostitute)

One thought on “Sex Does Not Make You Free (While the Pill Turns You into an Unpaid Prostitute)”

  1. Thanks to wordpress’ system of linking blogs according to tags, I found your blog! I don’t know about the rest of your posts but to this one I must say,


    A friend and I just wrote a Catholic pamphlet for women leaving abortion centers. We’re out there every Saturday morning and see the most horrible things, and we began to realize that we weren’t giving women anything Catholic when they exited, nothing that teaches the whole enchilada on sexuality and God. We wrote the best we could–it’s at my blog on a page,left side, Catholic brochure for Women Who Aborted.

    You don’t pull any punches with this one. It just makes me so sad, it makes me think, this is war, this is flat out war, there’s no safe place, we are in opposition to every single thing they are offering. Don’t girls these days just make you want to cry? They have no idea what they have lost, to trade for a few guys’ jobs they don’t even want.

    You’ll find posts at my place that make the same point, differently! Like, In the End, That’s All it Was, Sex and the City. Or, Please Send Catholics to Outer Space. Come visit.

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