Discussion of the Week

Borrowing this idea from another blog, I’m going to start a discussion post/thread every week dealing with something that relates to this blog.  This largely to see what people think and hopefully get people who come to this blog to comment even if they normal do not or are afraid to.


  • Anyone is allowed to post a comment.
  • I will delete any that use extremely rude or vulgar language or that do not relate to anything in anyway on this blog.  If you post a comment Friday through Monday, don’t expect it to be read until at least Tuesday because those are the days I work and have no computer access.  So it’s not a matter of me being rude, just busy with real life.
  • Keep comments charitable and hopefully on topic (it happens that people start on one thing and go off on another).  I will be doing an off topic thread that will allow people to post anything (with respect to the rules) without fearing that they aren’t on topic or feel like they don’t have something to say.
  • Off topic can be anything that may relate to things I cover in this blog to your favorite recipe or lolcat pics to venting about something and looking for an answer to links to other blogs that you think are just awesome and you think people need to know about.  There are no forbidden topics for the most part.  However, follow the rules.
  • Have fun.

I will also take suggestions for post topics.



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