The Internet is For Idiots

It’s true.  Consider this my rant of the week.  The Internet is for idiots, well at least for people who come off as idiots.  And CAF is the cause of my rant this week.  I really should ban myself from the Traditional Catholicism forum because it seems chock a block with people who label and malign people who don’t agree with them 100% as damned to Hell or are telling people what to do and advocating their opinion as Church dogma, which it definitely isn’t.

Between the people who malign priests (apparently, priests are supposed to be perfect and holy as soon as they are ordained instead of being the real men in need of a saviour like the rest of us motley sinners) who don’t preach what they want (hellfire and brimstone for everyone but themselves with a sprinkling of ‘you’re a heretic because you don’t eat/sleep/pray Latin 24/7’, veil (not headcover and there is a difference) 24/7, or are a woman who works instead of choosing to be a doormat and stay at home mom who is the slave of her husband and woman are the cause of all the problems in society (yes, there are Catholics and Christians who believe and preach that) and don’t condemn everyone but the one individual to hell, the people who hate woman and blame them for the ills in the world (and plain out misogyny ), and the ones that believe their opinion and view is better than the Church and what Jesus taught, it’s a wonder anybody stays Catholic.  There’s so much hatred and no love for fellow Catholics.  The need to smack people down and take joy in that hurting of people.

There is no honor is maligning priests.  By insulting priests you insult Jesus.  Yet people do it all the time on CAF and think they are being holy and righteous and doing God’s work.  NO, you’re committing mortal sin (calumny and gossip and slander and detraction and not loving you neighbor all come to mind) and being disobedient.  You have no authority to say or advocate such things and you will be held accountable, if not this life then the next.

That’s actually the biggest issue: no authority.  The Internet forum and knowledge of the truth does not give you authority to dictate how other people live.  You cannot give yourself authority.  That’s not how it works.  The Church has authority, given to Her by Christ, and She passes on some of  that authority to Her bishops and priests, and the heads of religious orders/congregations/etc.  But an anonymous poster on the Internet has no authority to claim or to tell someone how to live their live or what devotions to follow or what to believe or disbelieve or even to obey or disobey just because they don’t like something.  I can’t tell anyone how to live their life.  They can ask me for advice or suggestions or what not but they don’t have to take it or even listen to it.  They are their own individual person as I am my individual person.  Someone who needs someone to tell them how to live their life is in serious need of help because they aren’t living their life but letting others control them and that can be dangerous.

God did not create automatons and He doesn’t want automatons but there are sure a lot of people who want everyone to be automatons and clones instead of the individuals God created them to be.



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