Anger, Rage, and Abuse

3 thoughts on “Anger, Rage, and Abuse”

  1. Thank you for linking to my post. I’m so sorry you were hurt as a child, and struggle with anger. Thank you for the work you’re doing on the harmful effects of hitting. God bless!

  2. “I remember once (I don’t remember what I did) that I believed I had been so bad that I couldn’t sleep in my own bed but rather had to sleep on the floor in the downstairs bathroom (which had a shower stall, a toilet and sink so it was quite small and it was off the laundry room). I remember being in tears not wanting to be sleeping in the bathroom but knowing that I had to sleep there because I was so bad.”

    I didn’t mention this in my post as I completely forgot that I was doing the very same thing when I was younger, reading this part reminded me of a similar situation where I felt like I wasn’t allowed to sit on a comfortable chair or sleep in a soft bed because I wasn’t good enough for it and didn’t deserve it. Wow.

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