Spiraling Downward

I hate being off my medication especially since it isn’t something I chose.  Sunday was bad.  Everyday this week I didn’t want to go to work.  Work itself wasn’t bad (except for the one individual telling me how to live me life and the other telling me how to do my job, which I already … Continue reading Spiraling Downward

I Can’t Handle It

Going to Mass right now.  I managed last Sunday and the vigil Mass for All Saint’s day but today was totally out. This is also day two after finishing my first prescription of my medication.  I won’t be able to to get another till I see my doctor next month which means I have to … Continue reading I Can’t Handle It

In the Box

No, I’m not in the penalty box in a hockey game.  It’s where I feel I am in regards to several issues that I’m dealing with right now. First, the medication I am on now does actually seem to be working.  However, switching from being a graveyard shift to a dayshift is causing havoc on … Continue reading In the Box