I’m Going to Be a Bad Catholic

Yes, I am.  I’m not going to listen to those angry, narcissistic, abusive, self-centered traditionalists.  I am not going to listen to their demands that everyone attend the EF or the belittling of the priesthood.  I am not going to accept their putdowns and comments that women should shut up and never been seen or heard and that they are the cause of all the troubles in the world.   I am not going to pray in Latin.  I am not going to listen to Michael Voris or read or watch anything by him and I never have and never will.  I am not going to look at modesty threads or at thread about the Mass on CAF.  I am not going to worry about praying the Rosary all the time.  I am not going to look at an article of clothing and worry if it is modest or not.  I am not going to worry or think that there is more to do or need to do to be better.  I will not think of my depression as a sin but as an illness that needs treatment.  I will not listen to garbage about how I’m not a true Catholic woman because I am not married, have kids, and not a stay at home mom who homeschool.  I am not going to worry about being Catholic enough and to meet some traditionalist’s personal opinion.

I am going to be a Bad Catholic in that I am going to be honest and do the best I can.  I will trust the Church.  I will listen to Her and Her Groom, Jesus.

I am going to follow what the Church teaches.  I am going to be me which is what God wants.  He created me to be me not some automaton that goes through the motions.  He wants me to be me and live the faith the best I can with His grace.  I will pick the spirituality that best fits me rather than have one imposed on me.  I will attend the OF and not worry about attending the EF.  I will be grateful that I can have preferences in how I worship and pray and that the Church is far wiser in these matters than I am.  When I go to Confession, I will confess my sins and not worry about doing it perfectly precise but honestly and with contrition however imperfect it may be.  I will take my medication to help with my depression because I need it to help combat the bad thoughts and the pain.

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