The Frozen Chosen (for Firing That Is)

I’m talking about work.  Since I can’t sleep and this still has me very angry and upset, I thought I’d blog about it.

Herr Bully (our account manager) (not his real name) has come with a new ridiculous rule. We can’t wear the company issue parka because it has a hood. Yes. A hood.  It’s a safety hazard because we might wear it while in a vehicle.  I kid you not. 

Now let me start at some point before this because I don’t think there is any real sort of beginning except when Herr Bully started working for this account. Bully sent out a memo edict saying that personal jackets are not allowed on campus and that we needed more conformity in uniforms. And when I say personal jackets are not allowed, that only means vehicle patrol and that even means you’re own private vehicle driving to and from working even if you change into the company jacket before starting your shift. The edict then goes on to say that only the bomber jacket should be worn (without the lining) because the parka has a hood and he doesn’t want you wearing the hood even if it is pouring down rain.  Well, guess what. I’m not allowed to wear the bomber jacket because it is a “personal jacket” according to the one supervisor who forbid me to wear it. So now, according to these rules, I can’t wear any jacket at all.  Hence my title.

It is currently winter here in Oregon. This next week we are supposed to dry and barely above freezing during daylight hours. Or what about when it’s pouring down rain in freezing temps with high icy winds?  Or blizzrd conditions? We’ve had some nasty winter weather here so it’s not impossible.  And yet I’m supposed to go without a jacket because of Herr Bully’s edict.  Hence I’ll be frozen.  Add to that I’m more and more certain that management is trying to fire me.  I really need a new job. Not one where I’m treated like crap, sexually harassed, bullied, lied about, and expected to behave as if all this bullshit is the greatest thing ever.

By the way, I’m going to keep wearing my own jacket. It’s waterproof and warmer than anything the company will give me. I’m allergic to the uniform. The can go ahead and fire me for all I care.  They don’t care about me and I don’t care about them.  They’re just in it for the money.



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