Following on From Lies

This is a continuation of my earlier post.  I’m more settled now emotionally though the thoughts about it still keep popping up. This has been a tough week overall and I’m not sure why.  I know stuff at work is coming to a head and I really need to be someplace else.  Three panic attacks … Continue reading Following on From Lies

Our Lies are the Truth

A few minutes I got off the phone with HR Big Fat Liar and I’m in tears and trying not to have my third panic attack of week.  All caused by work and the whole stupid and idiot mess that are supervisors and managers and HR fruitcakes.  BFL is telling me that is nothing can … Continue reading Our Lies are the Truth

Harassers R Us

That’s work.  Actually it’s more like bullies are us or you are just a fuckin’ woman so you have to do our bidding because we’re perfectly awesome men with long fucking penises which you should be in awe of and want to bow down and worship and suck because we are gods.  Yes I am … Continue reading Harassers R Us