I Don’t Play Well With Others

Yes, that’s what my latest work eval said.  Now, yes I did have problems with two of my coworkers (I’m not the only one) but to say that I don’t act like a team member is a lie.  I’m turning from the goody-goody two shoes into the kid that’s sent to the principle’s office all because I am not a chirpy bimbo.  I can’t be happy happy joy joy all the time.  But that’s what they want me to be.  I do my job but they want extreme above and beyond which will only kill me.  Besides I get all with pretty much everyone else so two out of over a hundred is not bad.  But the whole turning into the bad kid amuses me. It’s either that or cry.

And I found out that one of the managers doesn’t like me because I’m a woman. Misogyny in 2013. And it’s practically institutionalized.  I know I work in a male dominated field but this fruitcake wants a Stepford wife and I’m no fucking June Cleaver.  I am a real person with real feelings who does her job real well but because I’m a woman that means I’m not good enough.  And yes, I’ve heard that. I need to find a new job.



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