Harassers R Us

That’s work.  Actually it’s more like bullies are us or you are just a fuckin’ woman so you have to do our bidding because we’re perfectly awesome men with long fucking penises which you should be in awe of and want to bow down and worship and suck because we are gods.  Yes I am really fucking pissed at the garbage I have to deal with at work.  Between the massive amount of work they dump on me, the severe disrespect, and the sheer idiocy of supervisors and management I am suprised any shit gets done around here.  Well, I am the one doing it all and the boys are getting all the credit while I’m told I’m a bitch because that’s how I act and talk.

Just because I refuse to flirt let alone engage in any inapropriate relationship with my married male supervisors does not make me a bitch.  It makes me a feminist and moral and ethical.  They don’t want that.  They want little wimmin who will bend over and let themselves be fucked over.  That’s not me.  I am here to do a job not be a sexual object to use and then discard.

I am a person worthy of respect and honor not an object to be bought and sold.

New job here I come.



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