Chocolate, Wine, and a Day Off

I took tomorrow off. I needed it, mentally and emotionally.  The chocolate and the wine are just to relax.

After talking to my friend, she agreed that with the panic attacks I am so stressed that I should be in the hospital.  I knew that it was so bad that I was considering the hospital.  Since I really can’t do that right now, taking a day off work is the next best thing.  Plus finding a new job.  The actual job isn’t hard, just the personnel issues and HR.  It’s a hostile environment that’s horrible for just about everyone except the people causing the hostile environment.

There is good news. It was a lovely sunny and warm day which is really rare for Easter especially here in Oregon.  I made sure to spend some time out in it.  Now just watch and we’ll get a freak snowstorm in April.  But it’s SPRING!  We’re all enjoying it while it lasts.

I will deal with the work crap on Tuesday.  Now to work on the wine. I’ve already eaten the chocolate cake and ice cream.



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