Money is Everything

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  1. Have you applied for a deference on your student loans? Or are they private ones? I am surprised they can’t help with some sort of unemployment deference…

    Hang in there! I’ve been in your shoes, it’s hard to imagine but things can get better…

    Have you applied for Food Stamps and State Health Insurance? So you can at least eat and maintain your health if nothing else…

    1. Same company has both my private and federal loans. If I pay $150 I can have a month forbearance on the private loans. They’re not willing to work with me at all. They just want the money. At least I didn’t get any calls yesterday.

      The unemployment claim affects the food stamps and as for health insurance, I’m okay and have a three month supply of my antidepressent (I made sure to refill before my insurance expired) and hopefully I’ll have a job before it runs out. I can also lessen the dose if I have to (cut the pills in half) so I’m prepared in some ways but not in others.

      Unfortunately, I’m going to ask my parents for money. At least to get through the next few days but involving them means I get to hear all about how I’m a failure. Well yeah because you screwed me over when I was growing up.

    1. I’m in Oregon. I’ve applied for unemployement but there’s an issue to be resolved before I can receive money. Because I was fired, there has to be an investigation and I could be denied though I’ve already gotten paperwork saying how much my weekly benefit is so I don’t see why they are still investigating. Governmental red tape, I guess.

      Talking to the individual from the student loan company just pushed me to tears and writing helps me deal. I’m surprised at how many people are now reading and following my blog. At this point, I’m writing to help myself and to keep myself from hurting myself.

      As for resources, they’re all tied up with my unemployement claim, well most of the ones available for me. I have plenty of resources to help me find a job but nothing to help me in between. And I’ve been down this road before but different this time.

      Sorry about the long reply. I couldn’t sleep so I figured I check up on my blog.

      1. It sounds like an amazingly difficult struggle you’re going through, I wish I had more to say but there’s little I can do myself. Maybe if things get desperate you could set up a little paypal donate for your followers and friends, I’m sure $5 or $10 here or there would add up, I know it probably hurts the pride to think about it but until things settle with unemployment, you have to keep things going the best you can. Stay strong, I wish you all the very best through this struggle, it must be really hard.

      2. Thanks. Even just the words of encouragement help. It’s nice knowing somebody understands and isn’t going to use my situation against me. As for the suggestion about Paypal, I’ll look into. I’ve never used it before. But really, Thanks.

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