This is a post from several months ago detailing where I was emotionally and mentally though if you had seen me in person you could get the full picture.  I just remember everything was spiralling and now am very glad that I was fired.  The environment was horrible and was really hurting me and several … Continue reading Changes


My unemployment claim was finally put through and I can now start collecting benefits.  After dealing with the ajudicator last Wed I wasn’t sure but they believed me and approved my claim.  So I will have some support now versus what I had.  Now I just need to find a new job if only so … Continue reading Finally

I Just Can’t

I can’t.  I’d rather sleep than do anything else.  Sleep untill I have a new job.  I’m too numb and I just don’t want to care.  I’m too messed up right now.  All I want to do is hide.  Sleep and hide.  See noone because they’ll shatter my numbness and create shards of pain.  My … Continue reading I Just Can’t