This is a post from several months ago detailing where I was emotionally and mentally though if you had seen me in person you could get the full picture.  I just remember everything was spiralling and now am very glad that I was fired.  The environment was horrible and was really hurting me and several people saw it and told me I needed to get out for my own health and safety. I am now out and glad that is behind me.

I would have updated sooner but life has been rather lousy lately.  My biggest issue has been work amd a certain individual.  It’s been so bad that the last two days I’ve been in tears.  I’m fed up, so much so that I’m ready to quit even though I can’t afford to nor do I have another job lined up.  I don’t want to quit because then this asshole wins but my mental health and safety are important, more important than that idiot.

I talked to my one supervisor about how I feel but nothing will really be done.  I also talked to a couple of coworkers and told them how I feel that I can’t report stuff because nothing happens or it explodes back on me.  Why bother when company policy is to keep people even when they make dangerous and unsafe mistakes.  I kid you not.  This job isn’t worth it anymore.  Not with how I’m treated or how I feel.

So searching for a new job is definitely in my future.



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