Another Day

Another day I didn’t get up early but then I didn’t go to bed until after 4 a.m. which is totally not conducive to getting anything done at a reasonable hour. At least calling the lawyer was something I had decided to put off until tomorrow.  I still have yet to hear when the hearing … Continue reading Another Day

A Nice Rainy Day

I love rain,  which makes me weird especially since I live in Oregon.  Whatever.  I thought with going to bed at 1:30 this morning that I would wake up before noon.  Didn’t happen.  I didn’t get out of bed before 5 p.m. and only because I needed to go to the library.  Oh well. But … Continue reading A Nice Rainy Day

A Letter to …

Dear Brain, Please stop with the guilt and shame. I know I’m unworthy and worthless and useless and unlovable and a terrible Catholic. I don’t need you harping on it.  I get that enough from my mother, society, ill mannered Catholics, and my own conscience.  So please stop. Thank you, Me PS. Someday I won’t … Continue reading A Letter to …

A Letter to Traddies

(If you have no interest it knowledge of Catholicism or the traditionalist movement in Catholicism, then this post is not for you.  If you are interested or just curious, go ahead and read.) Dear Traditionalists, You suck!  You’re superiority complex in regards to Latin and tradition is appalling and a huge turn off to those … Continue reading A Letter to Traddies