Follow up: Men Get Hurt by Modesty too

This post on Darcy’s Heartstrings is a wonderful exploration of the fact that modesty teachings also hurt men.  I’m glad there are people out there who recognize this and are pointing it out.

I bring all these things up (this post and the previous) because they can be part of the multitude of reasons people suffer from mental health issues.  I know for me that running into this garbage on Catholic forums was deeply hurtful to me and caused my anxiety and depression to be nearly overwhelming.  Staying away from that forum and finally realizing that it was a layperson’s opinion and not the Church’s was very helpful.  I still have to deal with it if I go near those forums or read particular blogs or websites.  I find trusting Mother Church much easier and a lot less anxiety causing because she is a lot more understanding and forgiving of her children than her children can be of their siblings.  She is much more interested in the whole person rather than some superficial outside. 

There’s a lot more freedom in trusting the Church than in listening to loudmouth “experts.”



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