Modesty and the Catholic/Christian Need to Blame Women

Because you know everytime a man sins it’s a woman’s fault.  Especially when it comes to modesty, purity, dress, sex, etc.

The link here from Wordgazer’s Words is so spot on about how (in this case) evangelicals (and Catholics do it to) misinteprete Scripture to blame women when men lust after them.  She points out how lusting is a choice an individual makes, not something someone else can make you do.  Get that? Lusting is a choice. Just go and read the link.  It’s a worthwhile read.

Yet many Catholics, especially women would continue to put the blame on a woman for “dressing immodestly” then understanding that it is a choice to lust.  Because men can do no wrong and those women in pants are just sluts with wombs.  Thankfully, not all Catholics are like that. Women and men.  It’s just a small unfortunately vocal fringe group that think a woman that shows any kind of skin (even *gasp* elbows) is entirely sexual in nature.

That’s another thing: men are told that just looking at a beautiful woman is lusting. That a man just looking at a woman is inherently sexual in nature. That people can’t look at each, even in just scanning a room or seeing the family in front of you at Mass, without it being arousing.  A little too much sex on the brain is what I think.

How did everything become about sex? No, really.  When did everything become about sex and how sex is everywhere and how sex, even in marriage, is dirty and really only good for babies (if you’re a woman) but it’s okay to enjoy if you’re a man and can get it whenever you want no matter what because you’re married and your wife is your property to do with as you please?

Yes, I’ve seen this.  This is not Catholic teaching.  I understand that the media is saturated with sex and it’s forced on children at a young age.  But the severe and extreme reaction some Catholics and Christians have had to this is just as bad if not worse.

Purity balls, purity pledges, courtship, purity culture, sex talks that use used gum/candy/flowers/etc. for girls, modesty rules, rape culture.  These things all hurt women, hurt children because it falsely puts the onus of responsibility on victims and takes away their rights as human beings. 

Girls become objects to trade and sell (courtship as practiced by Quiverfull/Patriarchy families) with little to no voice and where abuse is giving sweet smelling names such as “submission” and “complementarianism.” 

Purity becomes a litmus test of who’s popular and who’s not (popular, as in courting, nay coveting external opinion on who’s the holiest and most perfectly perfect Christian™ and has all their shit smelling like roses while those who struggle or have even fallen are looked down upon and even abused).

Modesty isn’t about covering what’s necessary. It’s about judging your neighbor and making sure that they come out last because you are so much holier and a “real Christian™/Catholic™” than they ever will be.  It’s about telling other people what to do and saying that if you were a “real” … then you wouldn’t wear pants/ would wear dresses all the time/would cover your head all the time because it says so in the Bible and the Bible is God’s word and we can’t go disobeying God, now can we?   It’s about enforcing your own dress and fashion code that is truly “godly” and “holy” and will help our poor, struggling brothers, now won’t it?

And all of this leads to rape culture and blaming the victim because if they had just followed all these things then the rape/abuse/molestation/beating/etc. would never have happened because these things will make you immune to such things. Not caring or even acknowledging that these things typically cause or even cover up rape/abuse/etc.  These beliefs, the people who believe them and propogate them do not in anyway comprehend that they hurt real living, breathing, feeling people.

And that is the entire point of this rant: people are being hurt by people using God as their justification to do so and saying that God endorses and supports what they are doing. 

Sounds like abuse to me.



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