Just When I Think It’s Over

It’s not.  My stupid previous employer has decided to contest the ruling that granted me unemployment.  I hate this.  I thought I was done with them but apparently not.  Stupid company doesn’t care and never cared about me.  It’s just trying to save it’s reputation which everyone knows is practically criminal anyways so there’s nothing to really save.  It’s pissing me off because I’m worried that the hearing will be decided in their favor (even though they’re lying) and I’ll have to pay back all tje money I’ve already received us they make me pay the company back all tne money they paid me in wages.  If the administrative law judge decides in their favor, I will have to pay back the state (says so in the handbook and the letter I sent) but this company is so big and is used to bullying people, I feel like I’m back at that horrible place.  I’m already stressed and my anxiety is going through the roof and I’m freaking out.

I hate this.  I really hate this.  I was so glad to be done and through with them and now this.  I feel so screwed and used.and lied to. I’m already in tears and thinking about the worst things that can happen.  I’m not in a good headspace right now.



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