Still Hate But Am Calmer

Well, I’ve calmed down a bit from receiving the stupid letter I mentioned in my previous post.  And I also are some I’ve cream but that.didn’t help any.  Reading.Stuff Funders Like did help because it made me laugh and I needed that more than sugary dairy treats.

I looked back at posts I made on this blog to see what I’ve written in regards to the whole work and uniform question.  I wrote not only about that but about bullying and sexual harassment.  Granted, I never mentioned the company but that was more to protect me than them.  I have at least a dozen instances of writing about what was done to me there and how I got screwed over and when it all started going down hill.  I have no idea if I should even use these in the hearing because it’s personal venting and probably considered few on facts but it’s proof to me that I wasn’t and am not making things up.

Now I just have to wait for the stupid letter indicating the date of the hearing and then the hearing itself. And the final decision.

Or I could just screw them all over and get a job.  Because that would be the best revenge.  Moving on with my life and forgetting them.



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