Bonus Post

So going through the stuff to take to Goodwill I found a few things  I could use.  I also went through the kitchen a bit more and found more things to take to Goodwill. So this is what needs to go to Goodwill: Yes, it’s quite a lot.  I had almost three pages of items … Continue reading Bonus Post

My Quirks

I have quite a few.  One is that I hate cupboards and for years.refused to put my food away in them.  I honestly could not stand them.  However, today for some reason, I decided to start using one again to store some of my dry and canned goods.  I also cleaned the counter under it … Continue reading My Quirks

Trying Not to Obsess

I have a bad habit of obsessing over things I’ve said or done, especially if they feel like they might be embarrassing.  I’m trying to not think about my hearing.  I don’t want to be thinking about how evil H.R. Birch lies.  About how I should have worded things better.  How I should have objected … Continue reading Trying Not to Obsess

It’s Done

My stupid hearing is done.  Now I just have to wait for the decision. I’m just glad I didn’t freak out or anything.  I believe I explained myself well. Now I just need the judge to believe me and decide into my favor. But Geez, an hour on the phone.  Still hate evil security company … Continue reading It’s Done

Sick of It

I can’t wait for the stupid hearing for my unemployment benefits to be over.  It’s Monday morning.  Right now all I keep thinking is that if I committed suicide right now, this would all be over and the evil security company would be out of my life. I want the evil security company out of … Continue reading Sick of It

Good News

So that job lead I had from Monster?  I applied Monday.  Got a call yesterday and talked to the gentleman today.  He said I was definitely qualified and would start me out at a better pay rate.  He’s going to pass my resume on to the company.  So things are looking up. Now I just … Continue reading Good News