They Keep Predicting Rain but…

So far it hasn’t rained though it is cloudy.

Got up early for once.  Which was the plan and I woke up before the alarm went off.  But then I wasn’t sleeping well either so I decided getting up was more productive. 

I have cleaned my living room, mopped the kitchen and bathroom floors which now my apartment smells like Pinesol.  I also swept and mopped the small entry by my front door.  So things are looking up and I got a small workout.

I also dealt with the student loan company and got them off my back for a few weeks.  I’ve also decided that I’m not paying the credit card this month so I can sort of catch up on the student loans.  Not great I know but credit card company will at least work with me.

Now I just need to make the cream cheese Danish I have a recipe for.



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