Pain and Phone Calls

Of course, I did end up sick to my stomach from last night though at least I didn’t puke my guts out.  What was real fun was having the pain my digestive system was in end up in my dreams, though that’s pretty normal for me.  My stomach and digestive system are both fine now, thankfully. 

I know the anxiety caused part of the problem and eating later after it calmed down might have caused the other part.  But then I have a persnickerty digestive system so who knows.

I called the lawyer but wasn’t in the office.  I will email her since that’s what she said was a sure way to get ahold of her.  I also called my former health insurance company for copies of my records and will have those for me.  I probably won’t get them on time for the hearing but that’s okay.

I feel like I accomplished something today even though it was only two phone calls.  I still have one errand to run, if I so desire, and could call a friend.

I also have a lead on a job, from Monster no less, and I’m going to apply.  It’s in security but NOT uniformed so that’s good.  And the starting pay is nice.  Now I just need to apply.

We’ll be starting fall weather next week after our unexpected week of summer we had this week with highs in the upper 90s which is totally not typical for this time of year.  But that’s okay.  It’s Oregon.  We start the rainy season soon enough.  And yes, I actually like rain. I know, that makes me weird.



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