Cool Deals and Still Trying Not To Obsess

My original reason I went out was for push pins.  I did get those but I found a good pair of boots that look like cowboy boots for under $20 at Ross and an electric kettle at Wal-mart for under $13.  The kettle I  had actually been looking for.  I saw one at Target I had liked and was under $20 but this one was basically the same thing but cheaper.  Early Christmas present for myself.


I unfortunately keep thinking about my hearing.  I honestly believe at this point that I lost and will now have to pay all my benefits back.  I won’t hear anything until next week but I believe I already lost.  I stuck to the facts, that I had been wearing the uniform even though I’m allergic but I wished I brought up things like I was targeted (big fat liar would have said I was lying if I had mentioned it) and that big fat liar said the undergarments had to made of polyester (hello, that’s what I’m allergic to).  I told the truth and stuck to the facts and I know I sounded professional and yet evil security company pulls the garbage they did to me all the time and gets away with it or worse, has it validated by the courts.  I know I should sue but I so want to be done with them.  I don’t want my life to revolve around them.

In other news, I haven’t taken my anti-depressant in four days.  I don’t think it would matter much if the weather and daylight hours were more like summer than fall. I realized when I got him this evening that I have a hard time with fall and winter because it’s so dark most of the time.  And that definitely affects my depression.  I’ve always had a hard time during thus part of the year especially living in Oregon.  I know when I originally went on my medication it seemed to help me that first fall and winter I was on it.  Now I think that what I’m going to do is do what I did when I was originally prescribed it: do a half dose for everyday and then go back to the full dose.  It’s a titration dose though the timing will be a little different this time.

While I haven’t been diagnosed with Seasonal Affect Disorder (my depression is more a symptom of my anxiety), I probably have it.  I know getting a light box would help (and also help with my insomnia)  I just don’t have the funds for one right now. 

And working would also help.  A lot. It has in the past.  So I really want that job to come through.



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