Pizza and Cookies

I meant to take a picture of the pizza I had but forgot.  Pineapple, pepperoni, and green peppers.  Delicious.  It really is.  I also went to Wal-mart and got more cookies.  So I’m good on that front for a few days.

I also want to say thanks for everyone who follows my blog.  There are over 50 of you following me now.  I’m surprised that anyone finds what I write important enough or fascinating enough to want to read and to even get notices that I have written.  So thank you. 

At least point, I just write for me, largely because I’m the only one to read it and my writing helps me.  Don’t worry, this isn’t some push to get more people to follow more or to comment or anything.  I know I’m terrible about commenting and responding, which I’m working on.  I just thought I’d make it clear why I write or maybe reiterate why if I’ve posted why before.

So today was slightly better but still weird dreams.  I’ll probably always have weird dreams.  At least last night’s, well really this morning’s, the worst part was the math class with equations that didn’t make sense.  I don’t remember how that led to being on an island where the Navy was running training drills with “fake” missiles (they were metal dummies, like I said weird) that they shot but didn’t do any real damage except make a lot of noise and there was only one death but that was a murder possibly (or by reading to many murder mysteries).  At least the weather in my dream was nice.

Which leads to the fact that it is the middle of October in Oregon and it’s Not Raining.  It was so nice that I wore my flip flops and a short sleeve shirt.  Where’s the rain?  I know just wait and it will happen. This Is Oregon.

I wonder what kind of winter we’re in for this year.  We’re due for some serious snow, I think.  I’m just glad that I won’t have to work out in it like I did the last two years.



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