Food and Fun

So first off update: I finally got the hearing decisions, there are two, back.  One says I can keep my benefits.  The other says I can’t.  So I’m not sure what the final result is.  So I intend to call tomorrow for clarification.  I’m also working on NOT thinking about or dwelling on this whole garbage again.  I don’t need that mess.

On to food and fun.  My parish had it’s annual fall festival though this year it was international with an Italian café, German, Filipino, Latino, American, and Indian dinners.  Plus a car show, lots of wind, goats to pet, kid stuff, and a huge raffle.  I got to spend time with my friend and her family.  We were there for several hours.  I’m so sore and tired now.


Bad pic of car show but good pic of sheriff departments new Chevy.


One of the roses on the multitude of rose bushes around the parish grounds.


The latino dinner I had, well, the leftovers, anyway.

And the rain came back but only for the day.

Now I just really need to find a job and soon. Especially if I have lost my benefits.



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