It’s Official

I’m insane. Yep.  I am.  I went for my run/walk this morning though not till after 9:30 thinking yeah, it’s going to be very chilly but with the quick run and then fast walking I would be fine. It’s sunny out.  There’s a stiff breeze but it’s not bad.  Checked temps on the phone and … Continue reading It’s Official


That’s largely what I feel right now, numb.  I believe that’s a,little bit from being back on my medication again.  It will pass but the numbness existed before I went back on my meds.  I’m back on them, at least the small supply I have, to get through the next couple months.  Plus, I was … Continue reading Numb

It’s Been Awhile

Sorry, I’m working on a longer, serious post but it’s taking longer because of emotional issues attached. Weather wise, it is definitely fall/winter here.  Though we haven’t had as much rain as we usually do.  We might actually be behind in rainfall because typically it’s raining everyday and I can only recall three days out … Continue reading It’s Been Awhile

A Letter To…

Dear Idiot Who Touched the Dryer My Clothes Were In, It must be nice to have money to burn.  I don’t.  So don’t go opening dryers that don’t have your stuff in them.  If you do, then make sure they’re running you know as in hit the button if it has stopped running.  I can’t … Continue reading A Letter To…