A Letter To…

Dear Idiot Who Touched the Dryer My Clothes Were In,

It must be nice to have money to burn.  I don’t.  So don’t go opening dryers that don’t have your stuff in them.  If you do, then make sure they’re running you know as in hit the button if it has stopped running.  I can’t afford to spend ridiculous amounts of money on laundry even if you can.  I paid for my time.  You did not.  Don’t go touching dryers that are not yours.

You’re a jerk,


So I’m doing laundry and had one of my neighbors be real nice and let me have the last ten minutes of his load in the dryer.  Perfect since the dryer is already hot and I washed two loads so I could dry them together since the other dryer was still being used by someone.  That other someone opened the dryer door on the dryer.I was using so I lost 50 minutes and over $2.00 in quarters just to dry.  I hate rude people. 

I may have to go back to using the laundromat again.  A little more expensive and time consuming but at least I’ll be the only one touching the machines I use.  And I won’t have to worry about clothes being stolen.  Some people don’t seem to understand apartment living.



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