Things I’ve Learned

As of this morning:

1. I am really out of shape.

2. I am not a runner.

3. My running shoes are really old and hurt the upper part of my right heel.

4. I’ve lived on Oregon so long that I consider 48 degrees with drizzle good weather to go running in.

5. I may be insane or maybe I’m just an Oregonian.

So I stupidly, okay, insanely decided to go for a run this morning.  Yeah, that worked out so well.  I lasted a block and maybe a quarter before I had to switch to walking.  I just know I needed out this morning and a run seemed like a really good idea. 

Except, as I said, I’m really out of shape and was never much of a runner.  I’m still coughing but my heart rate has finally calmed down.  I’ll stick to walking for awhile.  Till summer. 

At least my knee isn’t threatening to kill me. 




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