It’s Official

I’m insane.

Yep.  I am.  I went for my run/walk this morning though not till after 9:30 thinking yeah, it’s going to be very chilly but with the quick run and then fast walking I would be fine.

It’s sunny out.  There’s a stiff breeze but it’s not bad.  Checked temps on the phone and it was just above freezing. 

Thing is, it wasn’t above freezing.  It was below.  27 degrees instead of 34 like I thought.  And yet, it wasn’t that cold.  That’s where I’m insane because 27 degrees is bloody freezing.

Now, granted I’ve worked out in temps that were in the low teens before with proper attire but willingly choosing to exercise in said weather makes me insane.

It’s official: I’m an Oregonian.



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