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I Got Presents!

Awesome presents.  My friends and I celebrated Christmas today.  So presents and food.  I had one beer and was very highly which surprised people.  Well, that and I swore, which to them was really surprising.

And then my friends daughter, daughter of a sort in law, and I cleaned  the kitchen and washed the dishes.  We were going to surprise then because they had left for Mass but then they came back early and caught us.  Parents leave and instead of partying we clean.  We are so weird.

So handmade soap and lotion

My awesome Secret Santa present

And who thought these were a good idea?

My Secret Santa recipient loved the cookbook I made him. So.all in all a good day.


This Is Wrong

We were only supposed to be cold.  Rain wasn’t till Wed.  This is Wrong.

This is the view outside my front door of my apartment parking lot.


The stairs to the balcony in front of my apartment.


The city had these lights up BEFORE Thanksgiving. One of the streets that border my apartment.

I’m glad I didn’t go out yesterday.  I need to go out today but no driving, thankfully.

Frightful Weather

And I actually hate “Let It Snow.”

We’ve been below freezing during the day for well over a week now.  As in, the high just waves from the underside of freezing.  And last night was the first time in my entire history in Oregon where the,low was a single digit.  Single.  Digit.

So I’ve been staying inside, bundled up as much as possible if I did have to go out.  At least this week temps will be back above freezing though not for a few days.  And the rain will finally be back which will keep us above freezing.

So I’d like to make a formal request that we don’t get a white Christmas.  I want it above freezing, significantly, and rain is acceptable.  Though if the weather decided to grace us with Hawaii weather for Christmas, I’m certain many, many people wouldn’t mind.


Type this later, if I remember.

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