The Creepies

My downstairs neighbor is creepy.  He’s been coming to his kitchen window that looks into the apartment parking lot and watching me get into my car when I go places.  And tonight, when I got home, he was watching me again.  He came to the window after I pulled into my spot and just stared.  Didn’t just glance, stared.

Not just looking out the window but out and out staring at me.  And he’s not wearing a shirt.  It’s disturbing.  I know he’s bothered my other neighbors, even going out of his way to deliberately frighten her.  And she has major health issues so scaring her is not a good thing to do.

It wasn’t that long ago had problems with one set of neighbors and apartment manager that got so bad I was threatened with eviction.  It was bad.  But bad neighbors and bad apartment manager are gone.  And the neighbors I have now, except for downstairs, are decent.  They’re not perfect but they are decent and they aren’t jerks, which is a huge plus.

But this guy is creepy.  And until he does something there isn’t much I can do.  I just hate.

I was having an okay day until I saw him and some other things didn’t go well.  And then it was at least two different swearing angry vent sessions in my car before I got home.  So yeah, not so good.  I thought about getting beer but got cookies and crazy bread from Little Caesars instead.



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