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I do have a post on Windows and Microsoft in the works.  I did little research and found more fails.  Ah, the entertainment.  I also intend to poke fun at a couple of spam I received from the same person referring spam victims to TWO different “lawyers” all that cost of several thousand dollars.  It was hilarious to me.

So my Cubies are getting a mascot.  I’m honestly indifferent to it.  I just want my team to make it to the playoffs this year.  I know, I know, wishful thinking but I can hope.

We had a minor power outage this morning for about 45 minutes.  Of course it was at 5:35 this morning so it got dark.  I’m prepared and just grabbed the flashlight I had on my coffee table.  Yes, I was up all night trying to fix my sleep schedule which is still out of whack.

I have found a job that I really need to apply to.  Plus, it fits my desire to help people.  All I need to do is full out the application and send it along with my resume and cover letter.  I don’t know the deadline but I’m giving myself until this Friday.

Reading lots of books, largely computer books.  Still working on the programming book though I’m almost finished with that one.  Working on a book about networking and started on one about Google, data and information security, and how using computers, hardware, software, applications, networks, Internet, etc. allow a lot more of our personal data out there for people to find, even companies like Google, who can use it for good or ill and how we interact in all this, sharing data  and how to protect ourselves.  I really should update my reading lists at the top here to list some books I’ve read that I think are relevant and important.



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