Being Against Gay Marriage Doesn’t Make You a Homophobe – Atlantic Mobile

The author makes a good point especially now words like homophobe and hate get thrown around especially when some one doesn’t tow the party line of “gay should be celebrated and worshipped and anyone who disagrees or doesn’t comply or isn’t gay must automatically hate gays and so much be called names and shouted down.”

As someone who is against same sex marriage and civil unions, my support of a marriage as defined between one man and woman for the rest of their natural life into natural death comes front understanding of what marriage is and how it is lived determined how civilization continued.

I don’t hate gays or lesbians or transgendered or transsexual people.  They are made in the image and likeness of God, just like me.  Their sexuality is a part of them but it is not all of them, as they have bought into.  Their sexual acts are the problem.  They are not.  They aren’t anymore evil or horrible or depraved than I am.  They do have a very heavy burden/cross to bear but they’ve aren’t automatically condemned to Hell just for existing.

People choose to go to Hell by committing persistent and unrepentant mortal sin along with persistent and unrepentant persistence in heresy.  And yet, God is merciful and wants to forgive.  Unfortunately, too many have come into  contact with a God like that in Jonathan Edwards “A Sinner in the Hands of an Angry God”  where “God” is a tyrant who waits in glee to torture and destroy human beings.  They come into contact or are exposed to a Calvinist “God” who delights in sending people to Hell and has no love or mercy or forgiveness.  This “God” exists in too many churches, even among Catholics who should know better. 

God is not a tyrant or a terrorist or a merciless misery.  God is love and yet we don’t know or can’t feel it or don’t believe it because too many of us were just not loved or shown loved or were just outright abused.  And worse, God was used to abuse us.  We were best over the head to obey or comply or not do this or must do that otherwise God sends little girls like you to Hell.  Something I am way to familiar with.

Our churches, our society, our world has no idea what love truly is let alone that God is love.  This is something I struggle with.  Someone who suffers from same sex attraction has a worse time understanding that you can be loved and yet have what you perceive as freedoms and rights seen as sins.  Love is free but it is not license.  Just because you “love” someone does not mean it is “right” or that your “love” should be protected.

Gay marriage has opened the way for polygamy to become legal.  We’ve already seen one court case in Utah pace the way so it would be very long until it reaches the federal court, the Supreme Court and they’ll decide to allow it.  Then we have just slid down the slippery slope into child marriage (which fundamentalist and homeschoolers already advocate) and then legalizing pedophilia.  People think it won’t happen but it will. 



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