Rumbly in …

Well, I probably really shouldn’t quote Winnie the Pooh because my digestive problems do not indicate a hunger for honey.

Woke up before my alarm went off this morning in pain.  My digestive system decided to revolt again.  So I put the heating pad on my front and tried not to curl up too much since that made things worse.  I also tried not to move because I really wasn’t in the mood to revisit the contents of my stomach.  So going to Mass today was a no go.

I’m still not entirely sure what set it off and why the pain I felt was different.  Right now I’m still have muscle soreness though I managed to avoid a serious round in the bathroom.  I also managed some safe foods yet even they might not be so safe but eating is something I’m leery of right now.  Food is a major turn off.  The soreness doesn’t help either.

So more foods on my can’t eat list.  I’m can narrow down my issues to either IBS or celiac disease.  At this point, treatment is the same:avoiding the foods that trigger a reaction. 

Oh well, hopefully tomorrow will be better.  I have an application and resume I really need to send out and a new possible job lead.


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  1. 1 Joseph Richardson 27 January 2014 at 11:02 AM

    I’m sorry for your troubles, but the Pooh reference is “like”-able. 🙂 Saying a prayer for you.

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