It’s Tuesday!

Well, it is.  Or shortly, was.

Got stuff done today.  Turned in those pennies.  A whopping $5.28.  But hey, money to pay bills.  And I needed it because the money my parents gave me ended up short just in paying bills.  I have no money for groceries but I can pay bills.  I know I could use the money and not pay bills but I’ve always put bills first and me last.  I don’t see that changing any time soon.

Did get the application, resume, and cover letter printed off at the library.  Glad I got that done.  And the library upped the time you’re allowed on their computers from one hour to two.  The lead I had didn’t pan out.  It basically would be working uniformed security again and I had partly filled out the online application when I decided I was never putting myself in that kind of work ever again.  I don’t like uniforms, can’t stand wearing them, so why force myself to wear them if I don’t have to or want to.  And I don’t want to.  I refuse to go through or be subjected to the same garbage evil security company put me through even if this company is different.  I’m not going to open myself up to being treated like that again.

Creepy neighbor has removed himself from the property for awhile.  I don’t know if it is truly permanent and I can’t go into details but he’s currently not a problem.

And it’s finally raining again.  And I deliberately went walking out in it.  I didn’t need to drive.  I’ve worked in much, much worse and this was not that bad.  And I needed the exercise.  It finally felt like a proper Oregon winter day.  It was nice.

Another day going to bed at a reasonable hour.  I know going out today helped and why I went out.  Hopefully, I can go back to a reasonable sleep schedule.

Well, I’m off to drink my tea and read some of the library books I have.  I checked out more even though I still have five to read and had renewed.  Libraries are awesome but dangerous places.  I almost always check out a book after going there.  There haven’t been many tome that I haven’t.



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