Six Years!

That’s how long I’ve been on WordPress with this blog.  I’ve changed and grown as has this blog.

Good things and bad things have been going on in my life.  My health issues you heard about yesterday so I’m not going to repeat.  I’m still struggling financially.  My emotional health has also taken a hit.  I still need a job.

But I have really good neighbors.  I am learning new stuff just by borrowing books from the library.  I can still bake awesome oatmeal chocolate chip cookies.  I have become addicted to tea, again.  And I blame my Secret Santa for my minor addiction to Trader Joe’s chai tea latte. 

Now if I just had money.  I’m doing my taxes sometime this week or next which should help in the funds department.  We’ll see.

Well, I’m off to shower and try to go to bed at a reasonable hour.  I stayed up all last night after I saw that it was 3am and still wasn’t tired.  I did clean up some things in my living room at 4am and found a while lot of pennies that should go to the bank.  I’m not a penny hoarder, I swear.  And I rarely use cash so it’s funny I have so many pennies. 

So stuff to do tomorrow.  And the rain is finally back.  Yay!  Yes, I like they rain.



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