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Completely random.

I think this is the wrong shade for orange juice.



Tastes like orange popsicles.  It’s weird.  But decent for whatever illness I currently am coming down with.  At least all I have is,mild sore throat, a nasty cough, really warm, and a bit of congestion.  No idea where I might have picked it up.  I’ve been home, stuck in my apartment.

At least it’s not a stress cold.  But I got medicine and the makings for chili so I’ll be fine.  But that juice is just weird.

At least my spice shelf is organized. 


I have butterflies on the cabinet doors but you can’t see them.  Plain off white cabinets were getting boring.

As I said random.  Sometimes serious needs a break.


The Good, The Bad, and The Creepy

Yes, I’m ripping off movie titles.

So the good: it was sunny for awhile today. And warm enough that I didn’t need a jacket.  If 57 is warm, which it was after all the snow and ice. 

The bad: I’ll tell it in a letter.

Dear Student Loan Company,

Learn to read.  And reading comprehension.  So I won’t get unnecessary phone calls.

Not so many thanks,


Yep, they did it again.  Though it felt nice to tell them, hello, I’m in the clear, you stupid idiots.  I didn’t call them names but it was nice to be able to point out their mistake.

The Creepy: Creepy has been at it again.  Very bad again.  This time it involves more, and more legal issues so I can’t get into it because I’m protecting a couple of people.  Plus, I’m protecting myself from this garbage and situation.

I have orange juice again.  Still sore though.  Did get many things done today.  Still need to find a job.  Oh, and be hired and actually work the job. 

I got taxes done last night, which was nice plus I get a decent refund from the feds.  I also get a refund from the state but am thinking of using that to pay back some of my unemployment.  I figure preemptive strike.  Having to pay back was always a possibility.  I haven’t been told I have to but I figure a gesture of goodwill will help and it puts money back in for others who need it.

I’m off to read more of library books due back next week.  And then bed since I stayed up all night last night though I did get a short nap earlier until I was awakened by the shouting of Creepy and,the one neighbor.

Digging Out

That’s where we’re at weather wise.  Of which I did about two hours of this morning. 

I cleared more of the walkway that leads to the stairs up to my apartment. 

Cleared the parking spot next to my car and started on my parking spot.

Helped a neighbor kid clear more of the parking lot so his mom could get out.  And we both cleared up the snow the plows has pushed to the sides of the road for the one exit out of our apartment complex.  We made it so the cars leaving wouldn’t have to drive over compacted snow/ice and cleared a track to the street.  All in all a lot of good physical labor.  So I’m sore.  My right hip and that side really hurt when I first started.  Apparently, I’m getting old or something.

The temps are above freezing and it’s raining so now we’re dealing with slush.  The snow might be gone by June.  We’ll see. 

Me, I think I’d like a new hip and grouchy-free knees.  I suppose a hot shower, ibuprofen, and a heating pad will have to do.  And some orange juice except I don’t currently have any.  I didn’t buy enough last time I was at the grocery store. I’m not sure I want to drive yet but it depends on what tomorrow is like.

It’s Over

For now.  Three days of snow plus Ice.
Thursday: 6 inches
Friday: 8 inches
Saturday: 7 inches
Ice: 1/2 inch
All in all TOO MUCH SNOW.  It was the Storm of ’08 all over again. But nothing today, thankfully.




It has started to melt though it will be a few says before I will venture out driving.  I did not go to Mass this morning.  I made that call last night.  I would not have gotten out of my parking spot let alone the parking lot safely.  And I wasn’t driving on the roads. So for safety reasons I decided to stay home.  I’ve driven in this before plus my car accident just tells me to stay home. 

I know there are people out there that think there is no good reason to stay home from work or school or Mass, not even dangerous weather or driving conditions.  In a way, I used to be one of them.  Largely due to the belief that if I didn’t go then I was a failure and that I was going to lose my job or whatnot.  Or just plain stupidity. 

We have the ability to not do things.  We have luxuries that allow us not to do things, to not take dangerous risks and chances.  One is education and knowledge.  We know driving on I’ve can cause accidents.  We know about bad weather before it will happen.  We can prepare for emergencies proactively instead of reactively. We are not our ancestors.  And we don’t need to prove how tough or brave or heroic we are by freely putting ourselves in dangerous situations.

We have brains and common sense.  We just need to use them.  It’s okay to miss Mass due to weather.  It doesn’t make us any less Catholic for thinking of our safety and the safety of others.  It’s actually a good thing to think of safety.  It’s a way of loving our neighbor. Being safe is good.  Being stupid is not.





Snow with a later of ice on top.  Pretty by dangerous

Creepy at It Again

Yes, Creepy Neighbor came back.  Either late Thursday or yesterday.  Not sure when.  And started up on what he was doing before.  Not the creepy leering. The other stuff that I can’t get into for legal reasons.  So neighbor called the cops.  We talked to the cops.  Cops talked to Creepy. We’ll see what happens.

That apartment has not been good.  In the entire time I’ve been in my apartment, I can’t think of a good tenant living there. Most tenants have had either myself or others  call the police on them for various reasons.  Except for the very first when I first moved in but they moved out very shortly after I moved in. Oh well.  It’s up to the property managers to decide who gets to live here or not though sometimes I wish they could do deeper background checks and maybe psych evals.

More Snow?

Yes, we are currently getting more.  Yesterday, we ended up over half a foot, thereabouts.  Today we’re getting another half foot.  And then tomorrow freezing rain. 

It’s like the  Storm of ’08 all over again.  Except that time, we already had a half foot plus snow on the ground then got a whole foot plus a half inch of ice on top of that.  That was the week before Christmas and the bad storm was the Saturday before. 

All in all, that winter we, as in where I live, ended up with over three feet of snow. That was the worst winter for me living in Oregon.  Weather wise, anyways.  And now, the weather is trying to repeat that again.  Not fun.

My neighbor was kind and shoveled the area in front of our doors and and the stairs leading up to them.  I had planned on.doing it later but he was our there with a stick so I offered him my snow shovel, cause hello, easier.  So much safer walk.  One winter I will get rock salt and kitty litter so it would be easier to maintain the stairs without having to shovel it constantly.  Though, since we don’t really get a lot of snow, I suppose it doesn’t matter.

Kids got another snow day.  They may end up with one Monday not due to anymore snow but because the snow and I’ve probably won’t have melted.  It’s not supposed to end up above freezing until the beginning of next week.  Plus, where I live is kind of in a pocket up against the Coastal Mountains so when we get cold and then add in snow it stays cold.  We don’t warm up. 

At this point, I may not be going to Mass Sunday because of this weather.  I refuse to drive in it unless I absolutely have to.  I’ve already been in a car accident due to black I’ve.  I have no desire to repeat that.  Can’t afford to either.  So stuck at home for awhile.  But it depends on what it’s like Sunday morning.

At least I have books to read.  And a job search to continue. And snow to shovel. And cookies to bake.

Snow Day

Well, the kids are definitely getting one.


I checked outside around 9:30am and it was dry.  Nothing.  Two hours later, snow and at least a half inch already sticking.  It’s still coming down. School has been canceled and the kids are out playing.  It’s dry snow and it’s in the low 20s so it’s going to be sticking around. 


Right outside my front door.



My car covered in snow.

I’m glad I went out yesterday and got things done.  I don’t plan on going out unless I have to until Saturday, at the earliest.  Til then, I’m staying inside, reading and staying warm.  Definitely the warm part.

Spaghetti Sauce

Brown one pound of ground turkey (or ground beef, if that’s what you have).
Add one can tomato sauce, one can tomato paste, and one can fixed tomatoes.
Add Italian seasoning and garlic to taste.
Let summer for 15-20 minutes on low heat.
Cool favorite pasta.


Type this later, if I remember.

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