Completely random. I think this is the wrong shade for orange juice. Tastes like orange popsicles.  It’s weird.  But decent for whatever illness I currently am coming down with.  At least all I have is,mild sore throat, a nasty cough, really warm, and a bit of congestion.  No idea where I might have picked it … Continue reading Randomness

Digging Out

That’s where we’re at weather wise.  Of which I did about two hours of this morning.  I cleared more of the walkway that leads to the stairs up to my apartment.  Cleared the parking spot next to my car and started on my parking spot. Helped a neighbor kid clear more of the parking lot … Continue reading Digging Out

It’s Over

For now.  Three days of snow plus Ice. Thursday: 6 inches Friday: 8 inches Saturday: 7 inches Ice: 1/2 inch All in all TOO MUCH SNOW.  It was the Storm of ’08 all over again. But nothing today, thankfully. It has started to melt though it will be a few says before I will venture … Continue reading It’s Over

Creepy at It Again

Yes, Creepy Neighbor came back.  Either late Thursday or yesterday.  Not sure when.  And started up on what he was doing before.  Not the creepy leering. The other stuff that I can’t get into for legal reasons.  So neighbor called the cops.  We talked to the cops.  Cops talked to Creepy. We’ll see what happens. … Continue reading Creepy at It Again

More Snow?

Yes, we are currently getting more.  Yesterday, we ended up over half a foot, thereabouts.  Today we’re getting another half foot.  And then tomorrow freezing rain.  It’s like the  Storm of ’08 all over again.  Except that time, we already had a half foot plus snow on the ground then got a whole foot plus … Continue reading More Snow?

Snow Day

Well, the kids are definitely getting one. I checked outside around 9:30am and it was dry.  Nothing.  Two hours later, snow and at least a half inch already sticking.  It’s still coming down. School has been canceled and the kids are out playing.  It’s dry snow and it’s in the low 20s so it’s going … Continue reading Snow Day