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    1. I’ve heard of Ramsey. I’ve heard good and bad about him. My problem is that I just don’t have any income right now. And when I did, I was pretty good at paying everything on time or even early and not spending what I didn’t have on what I didn’t need. I’m pretty frugal in general. In just need a job. Not just to have money coming in but also to work. I need to work.

      Sorry I didn’t approve this sooner but I wanted to respond and I wanted to think about my answer.

      1. Sorry to hear, you will be in my prayers! There is good & bad about everyone and their system. His is an overall financial system to pay debt, stay out of debt, and to wisely invest. I do not promote a follower mentality, but to question & research everything for yourself. God bless & Godspeed my friend!

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