One Down

So I filled out the application for food stamps and submitted it online.  Now I’m just waiting for a phone interview to complete the process.

So one thing down and done.  I still have other things to do this week but that was the big thing I wanted to get done today.  I could work on taxes and since I use free file on TurboTax it wouldn’t take all that long.  However, it is math and government so that takes some working up to.

Tomorrow, trip to library to revamp resume a little.  Plus, find a temp agency to register with.  That should help a bit.  Also, scrounge up gas money since my car is almost at a quarter tank.  I don’t drive unless I have to but I did quite a bit of driving Saturday so that used a bit and the last time I filled up was the end of December.  That’s how little I drive. 

The trip to the library is as easy to walk as to drive so I usually walk.  Plus, free exercise.  I’m so weird.  Now if would could just snap out of this cold snap and get back the rain it would be nice.



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