More Snow?

Yes, we are currently getting more.  Yesterday, we ended up over half a foot, thereabouts.  Today we’re getting another half foot.  And then tomorrow freezing rain. 

It’s like the  Storm of ’08 all over again.  Except that time, we already had a half foot plus snow on the ground then got a whole foot plus a half inch of ice on top of that.  That was the week before Christmas and the bad storm was the Saturday before. 

All in all, that winter we, as in where I live, ended up with over three feet of snow. That was the worst winter for me living in Oregon.  Weather wise, anyways.  And now, the weather is trying to repeat that again.  Not fun.

My neighbor was kind and shoveled the area in front of our doors and and the stairs leading up to them.  I had planned on.doing it later but he was our there with a stick so I offered him my snow shovel, cause hello, easier.  So much safer walk.  One winter I will get rock salt and kitty litter so it would be easier to maintain the stairs without having to shovel it constantly.  Though, since we don’t really get a lot of snow, I suppose it doesn’t matter.

Kids got another snow day.  They may end up with one Monday not due to anymore snow but because the snow and I’ve probably won’t have melted.  It’s not supposed to end up above freezing until the beginning of next week.  Plus, where I live is kind of in a pocket up against the Coastal Mountains so when we get cold and then add in snow it stays cold.  We don’t warm up. 

At this point, I may not be going to Mass Sunday because of this weather.  I refuse to drive in it unless I absolutely have to.  I’ve already been in a car accident due to black I’ve.  I have no desire to repeat that.  Can’t afford to either.  So stuck at home for awhile.  But it depends on what it’s like Sunday morning.

At least I have books to read.  And a job search to continue. And snow to shovel. And cookies to bake.



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