Creepy at It Again

Yes, Creepy Neighbor came back.  Either late Thursday or yesterday.  Not sure when.  And started up on what he was doing before.  Not the creepy leering. The other stuff that I can’t get into for legal reasons.  So neighbor called the cops.  We talked to the cops.  Cops talked to Creepy. We’ll see what happens.

That apartment has not been good.  In the entire time I’ve been in my apartment, I can’t think of a good tenant living there. Most tenants have had either myself or others  call the police on them for various reasons.  Except for the very first when I first moved in but they moved out very shortly after I moved in. Oh well.  It’s up to the property managers to decide who gets to live here or not though sometimes I wish they could do deeper background checks and maybe psych evals.



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