Digging Out

That’s where we’re at weather wise.  Of which I did about two hours of this morning. 

I cleared more of the walkway that leads to the stairs up to my apartment. 

Cleared the parking spot next to my car and started on my parking spot.

Helped a neighbor kid clear more of the parking lot so his mom could get out.  And we both cleared up the snow the plows has pushed to the sides of the road for the one exit out of our apartment complex.  We made it so the cars leaving wouldn’t have to drive over compacted snow/ice and cleared a track to the street.  All in all a lot of good physical labor.  So I’m sore.  My right hip and that side really hurt when I first started.  Apparently, I’m getting old or something.

The temps are above freezing and it’s raining so now we’re dealing with slush.  The snow might be gone by June.  We’ll see. 

Me, I think I’d like a new hip and grouchy-free knees.  I suppose a hot shower, ibuprofen, and a heating pad will have to do.  And some orange juice except I don’t currently have any.  I didn’t buy enough last time I was at the grocery store. I’m not sure I want to drive yet but it depends on what tomorrow is like.



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